PCM™ Power Control Module for AirKnight & RedHawk HD recorders

In 2016 Bad Wolf Technologies released the Power Control Module (PCM) for the milspec RedHawk HD and the AirKnight HD family of Bad Wolf Technologies’ aerial Digital Video Recorders. This Power Control Module, PCM, was specifically designed as a power management system for the AirKnight HD  and the milspec RedHawk HD high definition video recorders which serves as a power backup source to prevent file corruption in the event of power failure, and provide a steady and clean power source. The PCM allows the video system to operate as a black-box recorder without any user interaction. The AirKnight HD and the RedHawk HD family of high definition recorders can be configured to start recording upon system boot. In the event of the power loss, the PCM will take over and begin supplying power to the recorder and the cameras. If after 5 seconds the power is not back, the PCM will stop recording the video and wait for the power to return. If the power does not come back within 20 seconds, then the PCM initiates the system shutdown procedure. Another benefit of using the PCM is when the AirKnight HD or the RedHawk HD is installed in conjunction with the MultiView HD or the Double Vision HD products, the power protection is extended to them as well. The PCM by any other word is a highly intelligent Uninterruptible Power Supply that keeps your aerial video system working to 100% of its capacity.


  • Mil-Spec ms-type Power Input and Output Connectors
  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure with Mounting Brackets
  • 8-bit High-Speed Microprocessor
  • 2700mAh Replaceable Battery Pack
  • Thermal Runaway Protection in accordance with the FAA guidelines
  • Overcharge Protection in accordance with the FAA guidelines
  • Over-voltage Protection in accordance with the FAA guidelines
  • Battery “kill” Mechanism (in case of a malfunction/short in the battery pack)
  • Ultra-high Speed seamless switch-over from the main power to the battery, and vice versa.
  • LED visual status indication if the battery is in use or is being charged.
P/N:   BW-P CM-MIL  &   BW-PCM — $1,299 USD