HD Mini Bullet Camera with Quick Disconnect – 23mm x 77mm


Datatoys exclusive HD-SDI Mini Bullet Camera with Quick Connector built on the camera body is designed to run both HD-SDI and Power signals through one connector. Use this camera with the Datatoys original Multi-Core Cable to run both HD-SDI and Power signals through one cable.

  • Full HD high definition 1080p30 HD-SDI bullet camera
  • Single Quick Connector on Camera for Easy Install
  • Use our Multi-Core Single Shielded Cable to run both HD-SDI and power signals
  • Fully Adjustable Settings.
  • Easy to Mount.
  • Lens Options – 2.9 (please call), 3.7, 8.0, 16 mm

alpromntwithcamcbl The HD Mini offers full 1080p resolution while being small and rugged enough for military applications.  An HD-SDI output can be connected to any HD-SDI recorder or monitor including the Datatoys AirKnight product line. A wide angle lens if optimized for mobile applications providing a wide view without large amounts of distortion or fish eye effect.

Lens Options:

  • 2.9 (please call), 3.7, 8.0, 16 mm


  • Full 1080p Resolution.
  • Built-in Quick Disconnect Connector on Camera Body
  • HD-SDI OR Analog Output.
  • Compact and Rugged.

A 1/3″ SONY sensor offers 2.1 megapixels of resolution along with excellent light performance, noise and vibration reduction. Settings have been specifically optimized to provide ultimate performance in aviation applications.

Video is output through a BNC connector (HD-SDI) or the Hirose LF series connector
bw-cam-cord_size_lrgwhich contains NTSC/PAL and power input pins. An adjustment toggle on the cable allows you to access the on screen menu for easy setting changes.

Mounting is easy with two 1/4-20 threaded mounting boss on the back of the camera, or use the included click mount. Included is our clamp mount, great for mounting to a bar, and our suction mount, ideal for surface mounting.

spudUse the optional Spud Mount to securely mount the HD Mini-Bullet to nearly any surface.