OEM & Custom Recorders & Cameras

Bad Wolf Technologies will modify our DVRs, streamers, encoders and cameras to customer specifications and, if required, pass MILSPEC qual testing per customer requirements.

Ideal for government and low and medium volume OEMs.

Contact sales at +1 (414) 630-0251 or sales@badwolftech.com

Nano DVR Series

Datatoys Nano DVR is found in a number of military and industrial implementation where UAV video streaming and UAV video recording is the goal, with a key factor being low power consumption. It is the perfect micro HD DVR platform for Geospatial pipe line, power line inspection, surveillance, mission recording, and reconnaissance applications. It may be used in Firefighting as a personnel body-worn solution integrated with a near/live-feed to the control center.

Handles multiple video channels and simultaneously support:

  • Three Versions available – Pro, Mini or Micro
  • Video and audio capture, encoding, decoding, transcoding and display
  • Video pre-processing, stabilizer (option), scaler, graphics overlay, picture-in-picture
  • Position, direction, orientation and other telemetry data capture
  • Stream generation and extraction
  • Video, audio and data recording and playback
  • Streaming over narrow band and broadband networks
  • Windows, Android and iOS web-browser based control application over networks


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