AV-HD Pro is the Ultimate High Definition Cockpit Camera & Recorder designed for aviation use

    • Propeller-Filtering Technology
    • GPS for 3D Flight Path Recording & Overlay
    • Headset Audio Cable
    • Used for:
        • Flight Testing
        • Instrumentation Testing
        • Flight Training
        • Aerobatics
        • General Aviation
        • … and more

The AV-HD Pro is our next generation cockpit camera; offering a smaller camera size, longer cable, higher resolution image sensor, and built-in GPS.

No Compromise!

Unlike GoPro and other cameras, the AV-HD Pro was built for Aviation with standard features like: propeller filtering, headset audio recording, and 3D flight path recording. The AV-HD Pro records Full 1080p video through a 16 megapixel image sensor.  View live video, change settings, and playback on the 2” Chroma Display.  The AV-HD Pro offers the smallest camera head on the market for less buffeting and drag.

Propeller Filtering Technology

Eliminate your propeller.

Your flight was perfect, but what about the video footage? Ruined by your prop? You no longer have to miss out on your flight and it’s scenic views due to your propeller. Software built into the AV-HD Pro will reduce or eliminate your prop while still shooting amazing 1080p HD video. Enjoy the clear as day High-Definition picture WITHOUT the annoying prop.

Record Headset Audio

Capture your narration, ATC transmission, or anything else.

Video is only part of the experience! Headset audio cables record everything you hear and say, including ATC transmissions, or use the included Ambient Microphone. Cables simply plug into your audio panel and any GA headset on the market. Do not worry rotorheads, helicopter headset cables are available as well! av-hd-pro_path_lrg

GPS Recording & Overlay

Record your 3D Flight Path and Overlay Speed, Coordinates, and Altitude.

A built-in GPS records your complete 3D flight path, logging data 5x a second.  Using Google Earth, you can view your flight in a way you’ve never seen before; or use the included software to play your video and GPS path at the same time.  GPS is not only a great tool for flight training, but a really awesome way to share your flight with others.

Also, the GPS data can be recorded as text right on your video, including: Lat/Long Coordinates, Speed, Altitude, and Time/Date

Built-In LCD Screen for Live ViewingAV-HDPro

Know what you’re recording and when you’re recording.

Have you ever returned from a flight only to find that your camera system was not even recording? Believe it or not, the problem does exist. The LCD on the AV-HD Pro has a red indicator that tells you when you are recording and allows you to line-up your camera. Playback the video on the LCD itself for quick viewing.

Easy to Mount & Waterproof

Mount camera inside or outside.

Four versatile mounts are included in the kit for mounting nearly anywhere on the aircraft.

  • Suction Mount – Great for mounting inside the cockpit on any smooth surface.
  • Clamp Mount – Ideal for strut and support mounting
  • Spud Mount – Bolt a mounting spud right to the aircraft and attach the suction mount adjuster to get solid mounting with 360 degrees of adjustment.
  • Strap Mounting – Ideal for awkward mount locations, like on a seat, or head mounting.

The camera head and cable is full IPX7 rated and can be mounted outside the aircraft.  The recorder/LCD unit is water resistant and can be exposed to VFR weather.

 (Note: As with any camera, including GoPro, mounting in certificated aircraft is subject to FAA regulations and approval.  Failure to obtain approval may result in fines, and loss of certification)

Wide-Angle Camera with 6X Optical Zoom


Capture everything in sight, near or far!

Select between multiple fields of view; up 170° in 720p mode, or 120 degrees in 1080p mode.  You can also zoom a full 6x in 720p mode, ideal for capturing shots of the ground.  A unique electro-optical zoom maintains full resolution and video quality all the way to 6X. Maybe you see something that would make an awesome picture? No problem, because with a click of ONE button, you can capture a still image while in mid-recording.

Playback On-Screen or via HDMI

Simple steps to playback your flight.

Playing back your flight is now easier than ever.  Review files on the built-in LCD, play video on your big screen straight from the AV-HD Pro with the included HDMI cable, or playback from the SD card on nearly any PC or Mac.  Files can also be loaded to YouTube and nearly any social media site.  A standard MOV video format makes editing possible using nearly any editing software.

Wireless Control

For those systems mounted just out of reach.

Mounting your camera out of reach is no problem when it comes to the AV-HD Pro. Hit start on the wireless remote, go about your flight and then hit stop on remote upon finish. Do not be distracted by your video system, simplicity is the way to go.

Two Batteries, Multiple Charge Options

Enough battery to make it there AND BACK!

The AV-HD Pro includes two batteries, standard, that last about 2-3 hours depending on GPS and record status.  Also included is a cig plug adapter which can power & charge the system from the aircraft, or use the included wall power supply to charge the batteries at the hangar or at home.