Datatoys Digital Video Systems for Harsh Environments were designed for Geospatial applications such as Mission Recording, Mission Debriefing, Utilities Inspection, Firefighting, Search & Rescue and more.

How it works

Datatoys Video Systems technology records a video to solid state storage while georeferencing it with coordinates and other pertinent information.

What is Georeferencing and How we use it

Datatoys Video Systems provide a combination of video and geographical information to create a Georeference-enabled video of a particular physical item or a collection thereof. To georeference is to associate objects (items) with places (locations). Georeferencing is used in conjunction with a GIS (also known as a graphical information system) to describe the process of associating a physical map with spatial locations. Georeferencing may be applied to any object related to a geographical location, such as points of interest, waypoints, roads, places, bridges, buildings and so forth.

With the ability to sync GPS data with onboard video, Datatoys systems increase productivity and reduce overall costs. As a part of the Datatoys Geospatial and utility (pipeline and power line) Inspection Kit, we include a 1-user license of LineVision Software. This kit is designed specifically for synchronizing on-board video, way points (points of interested), and other Georeferencing data in real-time.

AirKnight HD Series

Full 1080p60 HD airborne video recorder designed for professional aircraft operations. Record one or two 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or HDMI Inputs to USB or SD or Switch between up to four HD-SDI high definition cameras.

  • Single and Multi Channel Recording
    • AirKnight HD = single channel, single hd camera recording
    • AirKnight HD2 = dual channel, dual hd cameras recording
    • AirKnight HD4S = single channel, single to quad hd cameras recording
  • High Definition 3GSDI 1080p60
  • High Definition HDSDI 1080p30
  • High Definition HDMI
  • Works with high definition HD bullet and other high definition HD cameras
  • GPS Data Recording and Overlay
  • Telemetry Acquisition
  • Record to USB or SD solid state media

Datatoys HD Mini Bullet Camera

Datatoys HD Mini Bullet Cameras features the full HD high definition HD-SDI 1080p resolution while being rugged, durable and compact.

It is best used with Datatoys AirKnight HD, HD2 and HD4S

  • Full 1080p30 through HD-SDI.
  • Fully Adjustable Settings.
  • Easy to Mount.
  • 6 Lens Options available (20 to 115 degrees FOV)

Multi-View HD

Input four HD cameras and output a completely customizable Multi-View HD video stream to a recorder or monitor.

  • High Definition 1080p60 inputs.
  • Accepts SDI, HD-SDI, & 3G-SDI
  • Completely Customizable Output
  • 10-32VDC Wide Range Input