Bad Wolf Technologies Nano Encoder, Streamer and DVR

The UAV drone video streaming, recording, h264 encoding DVR platform.

Bad Wolf Technologies Nano DVR board-level products are mainly designed for unmanned aerial, ground and maritime platforms, miniature drones, observations systems and any other remote video-controlled platforms used for defense intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, otherwise known as ISR.

The Nano encoders, streamers and DVRs have been deployed worldwide in unmanned platforms, observation systems, law-enforcement, public safety, military, intelligence and other applications. Additional applications include government, private security, perimeter security, geospatial inspection, aerial firefighting, agriculture and crop inspection and more.

Nano UAV DVR platform is available in three versions: Nano DVR Pro, Nano DVR Mini and Nano DVR Micro.
Each Nano DVR handles multiple video channels and simultaneously supports:

  • Video and audio recording, h264 encoding dvr platform, decoding, transcoding and display
  • Video pre-processing*, stabilizer**, scaler, text overlay, graphics overlay*, picture-in-picture*
  • Position*, direction*, orientation* and other telemetry data capture*
  • GPS (option)
  • Transport Stream generation and extraction
  • Video, audio and data***  recording and playback
  • UAV or drone video encoding and STREAMING over NARROW BAND and broadband NETWORKS
  • End-to-end low-latency streaming over variety of Datalink products, radio band, ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Real-time advanced video analytics engine (option)
  • LOW POWER, LOW WEIGHT, LOW LATENCY – Nano DVR was specifically designed to be highly efficient for battery-powered applications where size and weight are at a premium
  • Windows, Android and iOS web-browser based control application over networks
  • Feature-rich customer-implemented SOFTWARE CONTROL API protocol for REMOTE DVR OPERATION from a PC or a SoC
  • BUNDLED SOFTWARE: Low latency decoder, streamer and player (online or off-line) application, web-browser gui setup and more

* May require custom firmware changes.
** Requires third party add-on software.
*** May require 3rd party add-on hardware or software