About Bad Wolf Technologies llc

12791124_1230322546982293_1393639759936950667_n Bad Wolf Technologies llc provides 3G-SDI HD-SDI Cameras & DVRs for Helicopters, Aircraft & Boats among other applications. The brand includes integrated, rugged high definition video systems and data acquisition equipment designed to operate in harsh environments.

Since 2006, the Datatoys Video Systems ™ brand included the most technologically advanced high definition video recorders and video processors. Datatoys Video Systems, now a part of  Bad Wolf Technologies product line, had been providing solutions for Geospatial applications, helicopter flight tour industry, flight schools, mission recording and debriefing, flight testing, data and video acquisition, geo-reference enabled power line and pipeline inspections and general aviation.

Bad Wolf Technologies llc

In 2013 the Datatoys brand was acquired by Bad Wolf Technologies llc, a leading developer of rugged, high definition custom and COTS solid state digital video recorders and complete systems for use in harsh environments. These rugged video and data systems are typically found in rotor craft and fixed wing aircraft in use by the LEO, the military, the aerospace industry, mission recording and debriefing, firefighting and search & rescue. They are also used for flight testing, flight training and other general aviation applications.

Bad Wolf Technologies customers include Lockheed Martin, NASA, L3, Northrop Grumman, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Elbit Systems, Robinson Helicopters, RSG Rotorcraft Services, Discovery Air Defense Services, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Serenity Helicopters, DoD and more.

What our Customers are saying …

“Bad Wolf Technologies allowed Lockheed Martin to establish integrated sensor performance in actual flight tests by simultaneous recording of sensor video performance and the out of window situation that could be immediately compared on playback. This greatly impressed our customers and established that, real systems to overcome Degraded Visual Environments were possible, to enhance helicopter safety.”

“Bad Wolf Technologies products are great, but their support is beyond excellent. I can contact my sales or service rep just about any time I need them. If I have a question or a potential issue they immediately respond with a solution. They are a customer-oriented business, and it shows.”

“I personally want to thank you and your team for all of your assistance during our implementation; I sincerely thank you for standing behind your product and giving us this support.”

“Bad Wolf Technologies RedHawk HD Milspec recorder simply exceeded our expectations in terms of ruggedness and video quality. They have been there for assisting our avionics staff with wiring schematics late into the evening and early mornings, outside normal business hours. They have truly been our partner through the install process.”

Bad Wolf Technologies is exactly what our business needed. Now we can easily do a “right of way” inspection while recording on the video. Should we see something of interest to the client, we can also easily take a picture. The system is very flexible and full of features. It is very easy to use. And best of all, our customers love the video “report.” And we love repeat orders. Job well done Bad Wolf!