General Aviation

Bad Wolf Technologies Data & Video Systems for Harsh Environments are used in many different airborne applications. Sometimes your application doesn’t fit within a specific Industry type. In this case, perhaps one of our more robust “generic” systems may solve your dilemma. For instance, instead of an AirKnight HD4S for the Flight Tour Industry, we can provide a “generic” version of the same product. Or we can customize a system to your specific needs. This may consist of something as small as changing a few connectors, to as major as a chassis or PCB-level redesign. But before going that route, we will perform a thorough needs analysis and provide you with the best possible options. And those you have plenty of: AirKnight HD,  AirKnight HD2, AV-HD Pro, the new AV-HD Pro/2 two channel recorder, the MultiView HD or the Milspec Redhawk HD. And the list goes on.


Whether you are capturing a serene view, fly-in, or first flight with a family member or friend, the ability to capture on-board footage is priceless. Systems are easy to install and use with entry level systems for modest budgets available.

Flight Schools

Get the benefit of the flight recording during student and instructor debriefing session. Immediate visual feedback as to what the student was doing, at what time and resulting in what. If you are going to be spending thousands of “flight school” dollars, you should probably make a record of each flight and review it time and time again. The system also benefits the instructor in terms of judging own performance, or school management to help improve instructor’s skill.


As the old saying goes, “it’s all fun and games until something gets broken.” Be sure to get it on video. Enough said…

AirKnight HD Series

Full 1080p60 HD aviation video recorder designed for professional aircraft operations. Record one or two HD-SDI or HDMI Inputs to USB or SD or Switch between up to four HD-SDI cameras.

  • High Definition 1080p60.
  • GPS Data Recording and Overlay
  • Record to USB or SD.

AV-HD Pro –  Cockpit Video Recorder

  • Propeller-Filtering Technology
  • GPS for 3D Flight Path Recording & Overlay
  • Headset Audio Cable
  • Flight Testing, Flight Instructing, Aerobatics, general use.

AV-HD Pro/2 – two (2) camera version.

HD Nano mini Bullet Camera

The HD Nano mini Bullet Camera features full high definition 1080p resolution while being compact and durable.

  • 1080p60/30 3G-SDI & HD-SDI.
  • Fully Adjustable Settings.
  • Easy to Mount.
  • 6 Lens Options (20 to 115 degrees FOV)

E600 PAL/NTSC Bullet Camera

The E600 Bullet Camera is one of the most popular aviation cameras. Small, compact, light, and high resolution, the E600 is perfect for aviation.

  • Rugged design with 600+ TVL of resolution.
  • Multiple user changeable lenses available!
  • Excellent low light performance.