Certified WOSB | Cage code: 6XSP8 | NAICS code: 334310 | DUNS number: 078890938

Welcome to Bad Wolf Technologies™

Bad Wolf Technologies HD-SDI High-Definition helicopter and fixed wing aircraft bullet cameras, video recorders, encoders, streamers, video processors and multi-viewers are designed for harsh environments and have many uses – air, land, and sea.

Core competencies.

Bad Wolf Technologies core competencies lay in designing and providing non-ITAR COTS aviation video cameras and recorders for civil and military aviation. They also have solutions for marine / navy applications, including speed / assault boats and surface ships.

Bad Wolf Technologies also provides electrical and mechanical engineering services including custom product development. Product development is typically centered around existing product(s), although they can produce something completely new.


Some of cameras include RTCA DO-160G qualifications. Bad Wolf Technologies hoist and lift camera for Sikorsky S92 helicopter is one such camera. Designed for aviation and naval/marine applications, it works in fresh and saltwater environments, including salt spray, shock, and vibration. It was also DO-160G tested for EMI/RFI and will not interfere with avionics equipment.

Defense / Military, Geospatial, SAR (Search and Rescue), First Responder, Airborne Firefighting, Airborne Tactical, Military Mission Recording and Mission Debriefing, Geospatial-enabled Pipeline and Power line Inspection, Tank and Boat Inspection, Airborne Law Enforcement, Flight Schools, Military Flight Training, General and Military Aviation, and Marine Applications.

Basically, any application requiring high availability RS170, NTSC PAL, 3G-SDI and HDSDI video camera.

Harsh Environments

Bad Wolf Technologies products are rugged and designed for harsh environments found in military and certain civilian applications. As they specialize in aviation and naval applications, Bad Wolf MILSPEC recorders and RTCA / DO-160 cameras can operate from -55°C and -40°C to +85°C. Other vendors make similar claims by referencing their own inhouse test standards. Bad Wolf Technologies can back up its claims with MILSPEC qualification test reports from an unbiased 3rd party, government approved laboratory.

MILSPEC and Civilian Video Recorders / DVR

Bad Wolf Technologies COTS non-ITAR military video recorders have been qualified (ie: certified) by an independent 3rd party laboratory to the following military standards: MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-810G CH1. This independent laboratory is US government-approved and qualification reports are available upon request.

All Bad Wolf Technologies Milspec products have passed MIL-STD-810G CH1 environmental testing.

Redhawk HD and DR.I have also passed MIL-STD-461F EMI/RFI qualification tests. Furthermore, Bad Wolf Technologies’ DR.I two (2) channel DVR has also passed MIL-STD-464C tests. The new Corsair (NAVY) 4 channel with external SSD storage DVR successfully passed EMI/RFI MIL-STD-461E for surface ships and vessels.

On the commercial side of things there is an incredibly popular AirKnight™ HD™ series of high and standard definition recorders for general aviation. All AirKnight HD variants support 3G and HD-SDI, HDMI and CVBS / RS170 Video inputs and record to USB and SD (secure digital) external storage. AirKnight HD records a single channel, whereas AirKnight HD2 records 2 channels of video with audio. AirKnight HD4S records video from 4 channels into a single file, while allowing for switching between cameras.

UAV, Drone and streaming

Bad Wolf Technologies Nano DVR™ OEM PCB is the world’s smallest and feature-rich HD-SDI (HDSDI) High Definition and RS170/CVBS Standard Definition video recorder / encoder for UAV, drone, and other applications where size and battery life are at a premium. It has extremely low latency of 100ms glass to glass.

Easy to Use and Install

Best of all, Bad Wolf Technologies’ products are high availability, Compact, Rugged, and designed to operate in Harsh Environments. They also come with a great TWO (2) YEAR WARRANTY.

Bad Wolf Technologies products are incredibly EASY TO USE and INSTALL. If there is ever a question or an issue needing resolution, their support department has the answer. To contact support, please call +1 (414) 639-9085. You may also email them at support@badwolftech.com or fill out the “Contact Us” form.